The Return to Travel

It's a new travel world out there, and you're not alone if you feel uncertain about it. To help make your transition back to globetrotting as stress-free as possible, we've consulted with industry experts to get their thoughts on the future of travel. Here's their best advice for navigating the new and (ever-changing) process of trip planning:

1) Think ahead:
The best thing you can do right now? Look to the future and start booking! After having been cooped up for so long, people are planning farther ahead than ever before, meaning the early bird gets the worm when it comes to reservations. If you're feeling inspired, don't be afraid to book a year (or even two) in advance - it's time to go ahead and make those travel dreams a reality.

2) Count on your travel advisor:
Leaving on a holiday has always been complicated enough, but now the rules change so often it can feel completely overwhelming. This is why travel advisors are not just helpful when it comes to planning your future trips - they're essential. In addition to booking you the best flights, hotels and activities, an advisor will keep you apprised of constantly shifting international guidelines; it's their job to know specifics regarding entry requirements, health testing and other crucial information you'll need to stay safe and stress-free. They sift through the noise so you can spend time researching the things you want, like whether you'd rather swim in the Caribbean Sea or Indian Ocean on your next vacay...

3) Keep it simple:
Rather than a grand tour of Europe, now is the time to opt for simpler itineraries and singular destinations. Why? Because it means you'll spend far less time in transit and eliminate the need to cross multiple borders, both of which make things safer for everyone. The advantages go beyond that, however; this kind of travel allows for a slower and more relaxed pace, meaning you can really dig into a destination and get to know it. Even better? Consider traveling to a place you already know and love!

4) Get some space:
Busy, urban destinations may not be for everyone right now. If you currently find yourself drawn to the great wide open, there are plenty of options to choose from. Internationally, consider a luxury hotel like Scotland's Glenapp Castle, which sits on a beautiful thirty-six acre estate in the rural Ayrshire countryside. Canada's west coast also beckons, with the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge ready to welcome guests for activities like horseback riding, whale watching, bear spotting and waterside yoga. Closer to home are rural getaways like Wyoming's Brush Creek Luxury Ranch - a place to experience the true American West - or Big Sur's Post Ranch Inn, where luxury treehouses and stargazing await.

post ranch

Post Ranch Inn


Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

Another way to find relief from the crowds is by opting for resorts with private villas. This is especially nice when it comes to intergenerational family travel, as it allows you to settle into a place that truly feels like home. In the Tuscan countryside, for example, the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco has an entire collection of historic Italian villas that are perfect for families, while the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla have created ideal home bases right next to the beach.

5) Stay closer to home:
Finally, if the thought of flying currently makes you nervous, a Great American Road Trip is in order! This is truly the perfect time to hop in the car and explore states within reach on four wheels. Your travel advisor will put together an itinerary for you based on the best sights and hotels in the area - you're still in charge of packing the road trip snacks, however.


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