Miami's Must-Eats

A port city proving to be a conduit for much of the Caribbean's cultures and customs, Miami is a lightning-rod of exciting experiences. Sun-kissed beaches, opulent opal ocean water, high-rises crowning the skyline, all-encompassing island vibes, Art Deco drives, pastel sunsets, glitzy neon nights and most importantly-utterly delicious food. The food scene of Miami is just like the city itself: a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, sometimes pretty flashy but always well worth savoring. For the can't-miss cuisine, here's a rundown of Miami's must-eats.


The Cuban cousin to the American turnover, the pastelito is a delectable flaky pastry jam-packed with sweet or savory filling-cream cheese, guava, pineapple and coconut for the sweet, scrumptious meat and cheese combinations for the savory. Whichever you pick, it pairs great with a coffee on the go. Snag a few flavors at the Inez Caf?, conveniently located in the lobby of the Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel, as you head out the door to start your day. If you're not in a rush, opt instead for a proper sit-down breakfast-complimentary when you book with SELECT.

Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach

Pastelitos - Miami
Stone crab claws - Miami


Florida stone crabs reside from the shores of Connecticut to the coast of Belize, though Florida is the unofficial heart for the critter. Thus, Florida is the heart for the delicacy. Stone crab claws are massive (they oftentimes make up half the crab's mass), and surprisingly sweet. They're served on ice with a mustard dipping sauce, making for a refreshing treat.


The big kahuna of Miami cuisine. The Cuban sandwich originated with Cuban immigrants in the Key West and Tampa, but Miami is where it found world-acclaim. The sandwich is simple enough: Cuban bread with a coat of yellow mustard, nestling layers of sliced roast pork, glazed ham, Swiss cheese and thin slices of dill pickles. A humble ingredient list, but the sum is greater than the parts. If during your trip you never make it to the charming streets of Little Havana, the Nautilus serves up a mean Cuban sandwich-easily enjoyed with the $100 Food and Beverage credit you receive as part of your SELECT stay at the Loews Miami Beach.

Cuban sandwich - Miami
Preston's Market Terrace at Loews Hotel Miami Beach


Yes, yes, every town in the South claims their fried chicken is incredible. But, consider this: If fried chicken makes the list here, despite the abundance of other absolutely delicious dishes, then it must be something truly special. There's no wrong way to enjoy fried chicken, but having it served with waffles and spiced watermelon (a specialty prevalent in Miami) feels especially right.

Gator bites - Miami


With such pristine stretches of beach inviting the imagination to consider seafood, it can be easy to forget that directly east of the city is the massive green sprawl of the Everglades. Harbored within that incredibly diverse ecosystem are some utterly unique delicacies. Any visit to Miami demands at least one try of frog legs and alligator bites. Fried, chewy and tasty, they really do taste like chicken-but, maybe just a pinch more tender and tangier.

Key lime pie - Miami


While Key West is the official king of Key lime pie, Miami isn't that far off. Made with the juice of the iconic Key limes of the Florida Keys, Key lime pie consists of a custard made from egg yolks, Key lime juice and sweetened condensed milk in a graham-cracker crust. Every slice of pie is equal parts sweet, tart and light-making it the perfect palate cleanser to finish every meal.


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